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How We Make the Gold Skulls

This video shows our process of casting skulls in our custom made molds using a mix plaster and hydrocal. Then we dip them in dye and apply gold leaf using size. Then the skulls are sprayed with a clear coat to protect them from being damaged.


While still soft, the plaster skulls are trimmed of any unwanted edges created in the casting process


The Skull are set in the sun to dry fully before dying and leafing.


The Skulls are all gold leafed, and checked for quality, and then sprayed with a protective coating


Some of the skulls are cut in half to complete the edges of the wall.


Our gold skull walls are featured in the Gold Bar, NYC.

Gold Skulls

LED Motion lighting Signage

This short video shows a programmed LED light chase sign. The Piece was constructed with mostly Acrylic and Sintra, Then the electrical components were wired in. Later, vinyl graphics were applied to the face.

The client is able to control the speed of chase, brightness, another assorted effects, all by remote control.

This project was partnered with Brick & Bridge for Salesforce 2018 / Partner Lodge.

Salesforce Sign

Belvedere Bar and Bottle Wall

Custom built sound reactive equalizer bars and backlit bottle walls for Belvedere Vodka.

Making Belvedere Bar
Making Clamshells

Clamshell Seating for the Beachhouse Grill

The Beachhouse Grill Clamshell Seat

Custom clamshell seating with beanbag cushions for Beach House in San Diego.

Making LXIII Origin

Making "The Origin" Window Display for Louis XIII

Louis XIII Window Display Build

"The Origin" window displays built for Louis XIII featured North American stores.

Making RBM Blue Cubes

Branded Light Cubes for Red Bull Music

These are just a few of the light boxes we have built for Red Bull Music. These 6" Cubes are constructed out of acrylic, and wrapped in vinyl. They can be unwrapped and re-branded.

We also design custom road cases for safe transportation if necessary.

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