Wolf / Rattlesnake Can Tah

This figure represents a primitive wolf head and body with a rattlesnake tounge protruding from the mouth, as described in the original story by Stephen King.

Three different versions of this Can Tah figure were sculpted, and Mick Garris decided on the final version. The final design was then used as a comparison model to sculpt the remaining five designs. All six designs reflect the same degree of aging deterioration, coarse rock texture, and detailed fractures. Fragments of real stone from the Bisbee, Arizona Copper Queen mine area were sculpted into the plasticene figures for an authentic look of pitted, crumbling, fractured rock.


Original Can Tah Concept Sketches


Three different versions of this Can Tah figure. The far right figure is the final design.


Version 1 of the Wolf / Rattlesnake Can Tah

Version 2 of the Wolf / Rattlesnake Can Tah

3rd and final version of the Wolf / Rattlesnake Can Tah


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